Who We Are
Heart for Home School Ministries is a non-profit organization operated solely through efforts of numerous volunteers who perform a variety of jobs, from website design to administration, event planning to service on our board of directors.

Our Vision 
To help parents teach their children with confidence.

Our Beginning
Heart for Home School Ministries (HFHS) was founded in 2002 by P.E. Wynn and Mari Fitz-Wynn. After several years of learning and growing while homeschooling their six children, Mari and Edward compiled a wealth of on-the-job training experience. This dynamic couple had a vision for bringing new home school parents into partnership with veteran home school parents to create and provide an environment that encouraged home school sustainability.

Further, they continued to read everything available to them on home schooling, joined a local support group, and found mentors in that group. After a few years, their mentors graduated their children and closed the group. It was during this time that Mari and Edward realized how much that had to offer new home school families in the way of guidance and support.

Their first effort to bridge the gap between veteran home educators and new home school families was through a weekly radio program “Heart for Home School,” which Mari hosted. Her topics included everything from considering home school, lesson planning, and graduation, and featured interviews with many home school speakers, experts, and veterans, including Diana Waring, Maggie Hogan, and home school association leaders from across the country. At the end of each program, Mari took questions from the listening audience. With the success and popularity of Mari’s weekly radio program, which aired for three years, they began hearing from many parents looking for ways to become better connected with their own families and other home educators within the local, national, and international home school community. This pushed Mari and Edward to wonder if they could do even more.

As home school parents, Mari and Edward believed the best way to support parents would be to give them the very opportunities they themselves were looking for: ways to connect, learn, and grow with other home educators.

We Believe the Same Thing Today
Now widowed, Mari continues this vision. After 20 years of teaching her children at home, her passion remains to motivate families to foster and enjoy happy, healthy, and harmonious home school settings, throughout the duration of their home school. This is so important to Mari because she realizes parents are building character, laying foundations, molding and creating memories during the critical school years.

Mari believes today our lives are busier than ever and sometimes our budgets can seem tighter than ever. There are so many extracurricular activities and conferences for home school families to choose from, choices that directly affect their budgets and ability to stay connected.

This is why Heart for Home School Ministries exists. We provide the needed connection to a supportive community. We help and offer inventive ways for parents to carve out time together to bond, and yes, we continue to provide special online events, information workshops, and affordable conferences for the entire family.

Whether you’ve chosen to teach your children at home all the way through high school or solely during the elementary, middle, or high school years, there is a place for you to come and connect - and that is here with us at Heart for Home School Ministries.