CREATING                         CONNECTIONS 

CONNECT THE DOTS FAMILIES is a community where parents of public, private and homeschool students come to discover ideas for spontaneous or planned family activities, to stay connected and deepen their bonds. Creating Connections is the conference and speaker bureau group of its nonprofit parent organization, Heart for Home School Ministries, Inc.

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the Creating Connections Conference!

The Creating Connections Conference 

Heart for Home School Ministries, Inc.

Saturday, March 17, 2018 from 9:00am - 3:00pm

2301 W. Millbrook Road Raleigh, NC 27612
​(Church of the Holy Cross)

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Join us for an innovative, interactive conference where you will participate in workshops with your children as well as other families. Your students will enjoy hands-on workshops while you connect with other parents. The focus is to encourage families by providing tools and workshops that will foster connection within family relationships.
Track I: Home School and Resources
Track II: Family Relationships
Track III Students
The Five Minute Mentor
Adams, Doeffinger, Fitz-Wynn
Family Registration $55 
Individual Registration $35 
Lunch Included! Scholarships Available.
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       9:00 am  Opening Session:  The Three Fun Foundational Links to Secure you Family                                                                      Connection
         (Interactive session for parents and students)  
Family time together can be the most dreaded of any weekend for parents, their teens, tweens, and small ones alike, or, your family time can become the special break everyone needs and looks forward to!  Don’t miss this opening session!  Come ready to have  fun, learn, practice, and apply the three foundational links to securing your family’s connection and deepening the bond .
  • MMm
  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER- Mark Parker
  • Mark Parker is an experienced broadcaster and General Manager of HIS Radio, the Contemporary Christian Music station serving the Triangle, Fayetteville, and Eastern NC. He’s spent the majority of his Broadcast career in the Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville NC market and has been active in all aspects of Commercial and Non-Commercial Broadcast operations. These include on-air hosting such as Morning and Afternoon Drives, Advertising and Underwriting Sales, Fundraising, Music and Program direction, Events, Promotions, Web development and upper Station Management.
    Mark and his wife, Mary, have home schooled for 16 years. Their daughter was their first graduate and is currently a college student and their son is in 10th grade.  

    2:25 pm   
    "Little Stories in Life's Library"
    ​Coping with digital distractions, perseverance, laughing, playing, and protecting time with one another are all important elements of a family’s life together. It’s how the little stories are written that provide a fulfilled source of reference for the rest of life.  Join us as Mark unfolds his insights for keeping family firs, strongly connected and ways to continue to deepen the bond.


  1. Mari Fitz-Wynn
    Mari Fitz-Wynn
  2. Angela Armstrong
    Angela Armstrong
  3. David Maclaren
    David Maclaren
  4. Michelle Doeffinger
    Michelle Doeffinger
  5. Cynthia "Cyndi' Simmons
    Cynthia "Cyndi' Simmons
  6. Regina Norris Adams
    Regina Norris Adams
Cynthia "Cyndi' SimmonsCynthia "Cyndi' Simmons
Cynthia "Cyndi' Simmons​
Cynthia "Cyndi' Simmons homeschooled her five children through high school, including her disabled son. She hosts Heart of the Matter Radio each week and encourages women who seek the elegance of God's wisdom. Simmons conducts writing workshops, led writing conferences, and was nominated for Georgia Author of the Year in 2008. Cyndi is fond of history, and writes both historical fiction and nonfiction. Combining history and Scripture, she ministers to women of all ages but has a special place in her heart for homeschool mothers. She is also a frequent speaker at events nationwide

  • Loving Your Strong-Willed Child  1:40 pm
  • That one child that refuses to budge and pits his will against yours can be hard to love. This class outlines a definition of love and demonstrates a way to build emotional attachment while teaching character.

  • History of Money  10:45 am Students
  • Most of us think of green paper or credit cards when we speak of money. However, money took many forms in the past. This fun, interactive class outlines the development of cash through the ages. Come and see samples of money from the past. The information presented is based on research for the novel, Pursuing Gold.

  • Teach Excellence without Oppressing Your Child  9:45 am
  • All of us want our children to work hard and achieve. However, it’s easy for parents to push too hard and break the child’s spirit. This class outlines a healthy approach to child rearing that encourages excellence. 

Mari Fitz-Wynn
Mari Fitz-Wynn is the  co-founder and president of Heart to Home School Ministries, Inc. and launched the Creating Connections arm of the ministry for families from all educational philosophies. For 3 years, Mari hosted the weekly radio program, Heart for Home School, and she currently produces a series of Home School Tips on HIS Radio stations.

Mari is a popular speaker and author. She speaks at home school conferences and women’s retreats throughout the US and internationally.  Her two books, Take Heart: 26 Steps to a Healthy Home School and Connect the D.O.T.S. (Days of Teaching School), offer advice, wisdom, and creative ideas to encourage families to deepen their connection and to strengthen their bond. Mari and her husband, Edward, homeschooled their six children for nearly 20 years.

  • Workshop: Storms in Your Home   10:45 am
  • Storms don’t just happen in the family next door or across town. Sooner or later, a storm will hit your family. Find encouragement and tips for weathering the storm and keeping your family connected.     
  • Building Family Bridges    11:45 am 
  • Building and strengthening family relationships that last from pre-school, college and beyond is hard work, it's also fun!
  • Join Mari for this lively, and inspiring workshop.                        

David Maclaren
David is an educator with 34 years of teaching experience in both public and private schools, including grades K-12. He served as Curriculum Developer and Lead Trainer of teachers for a partnership program between NASA and the Lewis Center for Educational Research, as well as Director of Curriculum Development and Global Programs where he worked directly with NASA scientists overseeing the radio astronomy educational partnership. He has presented at a number of math and science education conferences across the country and trained American teachers overseas. David completed graduate level studies in Elementary Education, and  earned the California Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential (K-12). Currently, he is Co-Director of True Light Shines Academy, a private Christian school in Louisburg, NC, as well as President of True Light Shines Ministries, Inc.

  • "The Creator's Space Dad" Relieve some stress and create some memories  11:45 am
    Dads, plan to attend this workshop that will demonstrate hands-on activities that you can do with the kids to help them understand some of the objects found in our solar system and beyond. Be the "Weekend Science Dude" at home!  This workshop is for parents and students.

Angela Armstrong
Angela and her husband Toriano have home schooled their three sons for nearly fifteen years and have one graduate. In addition to home education, Angela keeps herself busy with AngelaYvette Ministries - Maximum Success Living, LLC.

  • Dream BIG Now Vision Board Party   9:45 am  Students
    So, you want to be the next lawyer, NBA star, actress, computer tech, business owner, author or teacher! Dare to Dream BIG Now and have it right before your eyes -- a vision that only you were created to see! This will inspire you to work towards achieving the life that you desire. Come explore your vision, dreams, and aspirations as Author and Mentor Angela Armstrong guides you through the steps to creating your personal vision boards. This workshop is for youth and teens ages 10-18 and their parents. 
  • Dream BIG Now Vision Board After Party  1:40 pm  Students
    Who wants another piece of boring art work for the wall? Not YOU! Your vision board will give visual insight everyday of where you are traveling too. Join Author and Mentor AngelaYvette as she shares strategies and actions steps to your vision-dream. This workshop is for youth and teens ages 10-18 and their parents.

Regina Adams
Homeschooling since 1998 Regina Norris Adams is a wife, co-op teacher, and former copy editor/writer with the family newspaper, The Daily Record of Dunn. With two high school grads and a one in high school, she looks to share knowledge and prayer with up-and-coming generations of homeschool families.                                                                                                                                                                
          The Five Minute Mentor 1:40 pm
          Are you new to home education? Are you trying to make a decision to home school?  Need answers about testing,                              curriculum, learning styles? Looking for encouragement?   
Stop by this informal workshop for one on one mentoring with a              home school veteran. 

Michelle Doeffinger
Michelle is a veteran homeschool mom of four, wife to Richard, and a grandma. She has been the Group Director Generations Homeschool Group in Raleigh, NC for the past 4 years, and mentor to many grateful homeschool newbie. Michelle also serves as the Social Media Director for Heart for Home School Ministries, Inc. 
  • Connecting to Support Groups, Co-ops and Finding Resources Workshop  11:45 am
  • Where can I find a list of resources to help me connect to other homeschoolers and get plugged in? What tools are available to help my family connect? What if I want to start my own group? Where do I begin? Come join the conversation, explore the answers to these questions and more!
  • The Five Minute Mentor 1:40 pm
  • Are you new to home education? Are you trying to make a decision to home school?  Need answers about testing, curriculum, learning styles? Looking for encouragement?   Stop by this drop- in informal workshop for one on one mentoring with a home school veteran. 

Regina Adams