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“Home schooling is not for the faint of heart. While deeply rewarding, home schooling takes hard work, dedication, and planning. It’s a full-time job.”
​      ― From Take Heart: 26 Steps to a Healthy Home School by Mari Fitz-Wynn
Being a home educator is probably only one of the many hats you will wear throughout the day, and it’s in the busyness of our daily activities that we may begin to feel a disconnect from ourselves, our school, and our family. Just like employees who work 10–18 hours a day in a job where so much is demanded from them, you rarely take breaks for lunch, or even step outside just to breathe. If you step back and consider the full picture, you might find that you are possibly headed toward burning out.
Have you ever felt slightly disconnected in transitioning your role from teacher to mother, and mother to wife? Have you experienced days where your efforts to create a positive, peaceful, and pleasant environment in your home school seemed to unravel into spurts of chaotic or disjointed activity?
How did you end your last school year? Was the classroom starting to feel like a war zone of hurt feelings or fractured relationships? Did you find you spent so much time on teaching and trying to honor class schedules that you neglected quality bonding time with your family?
Perhaps, you’ve just completed a fantastic year of school, and you’re merely looking for ways to connect with your students on a different level. You already have great momentum going in your home school, yet you want to keep an eye to the future and consider other ideas to help you to stay inspired about home schooling and spending time with your family.
Over the next twelve weeks or 12 months, I will present you with 12 powerful, fun, and interactive challenges to help you keep ― or bring back ― laughter and learning to your home school and family!
What better time to start than now?