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My Journey as a Volunteer for Heart for Home School Ministries, Inc.

My name is Aleesha Mathew, and I started volunteering at Heart for Home School Ministries, Inc., in January 2016 as the administrative assistant. My husband and I moved to Raleigh in late 2015, and I had just moved to the U.S. from India—a huge transition for me! On browsing through VolunteerMatch, I chanced upon the job posting for an administrative assistant. With my education and experience in human resources, I believed it would be a great start, and indeed it proved to be.

Although home schooling was unfamiliar to me when I started (a method of education not fully developed in India), over the last several months I have been educated and exposed to the many benefits this educational practice brings. The HFHS team has immense passion for home schooling. With their knowledge and vast experience, they help homeschool families educate children with confidence. HFHS reaches families across North Carolina via its annual conference, workshops, student camps,  newsletters, and active presence on social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest).

Through my volunteering experience at Heart for Home School Ministries, Inc., I have the opportunity to help with homeschool conference planning and execution, to assist in grant research, to help with website modifications, to network with and assist homeschool families, and to participate in nonprofit conferences, among other ad hoc activities. As the administrative assistant, I am also responsible for organizing the quarterly board meetings and taking minutes of the same. I am also entrusted with the responsibility of conducting reference checks for prospective new team members and sending the offer letter and other confidential agreements when they join.

What I value most in this volunteer experience is the relationship with Mari, our president, and the immeasurable support, knowledge, insights, and exposure that she always provides through the ministry. To err is human, but even if things don’t pan out a certain way, Mari’s unshaken faith in God and her prayerful approach to work is inspiring.
Working from Mari’s rich library full of books on home schooling, education, children, and families, our conversations about work are always filled with perspective, openness, flexibility, and humor. I’ve enjoyed the learning experience.

Aleesha Mathew
Administrative Assistant
Heart for Home School Ministries, Inc.